July 21, 2024

The Varing Marketing Group is hyper-focused on selling land in the Fraser Valley

ABBOTSFORDJoe Varing has dedicated the past 19 years to honing his craft and approach through the award-winning Varing Marketing Group, which has helped clients buy and sell real estate in the Fraser Valley region.

“We take a distinctive approach that combines target marketing, strategic advice and a commitment to client-centric values,” says Joe, who started in the industry at the age of 21.

Joe embarked on a professional journey with the vision of contributing to the thriving real estate market in the Fraser Valley. Driven by his foresight of the area’s potential for growth, he made a strategic decision to specialize in the sale of development land and investments.

“By carving out this particular niche, I was able to play a pivotal role in maximizing property values for landowners and simultaneously contribute to the region’s ongoing development,” he notes. “The Varing Marketing Group stands out in the market through our targeted marketing approach and client-focused strategies. The team, driven by core values of relentless ambition, pursuing greatness, being relationship driven, and over delivering, employs a two-pronged strategy that emphasizes personalized outreach.

“This approach consistently delivers exceptional results, setting our group apart in the competitive real estate landscape.”

The Varing Marketing Group plays a pivotal role in providing strategic advice

The Varing Marketing Group is hyper-focused on selling land in the Fraser Valley, rooted in recognizing the region’s potential for continued rapid growth. With a concentrated effort in key areas like Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Mission, and Chilliwack, Varing Marketing Group tailors strategies for each property, connecting landowners with qualified developers, investors, and corporate buyers.

The sales team plays a pivotal role in providing strategic advice, staying informed about market trends, and identifying opportunities. Their extensive knowledge ensures Varing Marketing Group remains at the forefront of the industry, offering valuable insights to clients.

Their Marketing Department enhances properties through unique materials, including custom maps and tailored information packages. These visually market each property, inspiring potential buyers to see beyond the dirt and recognize the unique features and potential of the land.

“Our company’s evolution over the years is marked by our ability to adapt to changing market dynamics,” he states, adding their commitment to data mining and education separates the team from competitors, empowering clients to make well-informed decisions. “Staying ahead of industry trends, incorporating innovative strategies, and emphasizing continuous improvement are key factors that have allowed our Varing Marketing Group to consistently provide excellent service to clients.”

They also have a Paralegal Department to ensure smooth legal operations with great attention to detail.

“The key to the Varing Marketing Group’s success lies in unwavering commitment, attention to detail, and a targeted marketing approach,” says Joe. “Looking ahead, I envision the group maintaining its leadership position by adapting to emerging trends, expanding reach, and consistently delivering unparalleled services to clients.”

Joe attributes the continued success of Varing Marketing Group to the team’s attention to detail and a remarkable emphasis on building lasting relationships. 75 percent of the business is repeat and referral-based, underscoring the trust and satisfaction clients experience.

“We go beyond the conventional, as we not only go the extra mile but the extra 10. That ensures clients receive a wide array of services tailored to their unique needs,” Joe states. “The success of the team is not measured solely in sales or accolades but in the genuine connections forged with clients, the innovative strategies implemented, and the positive influence on the community.

“As Varing Marketing Group looks ahead to the future, the excitement is not just about real estate transactions but about the continued journey of growth, contribution, and making a lasting impact in the dynamic landscape of the Fraser Valley.”






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