July 21, 2024

“We are very pleased with this latest event, not only because it was a record edition in terms of participation with more than three thousand brands and buyers, but above all because the event put the spotlight on the export of food products made in Italy. Specifically, in the last decade 2013-2023 it has grown by 27 percent compared to 12 percent for the European average. These are data that we also see in our company. In fact, we continue to grow in the segment of processed vegetable preserves, in accordance with high quality standards, as they are increasingly demanded by our customers”, say Giuseppe Burgio and Liliana Burgio, managers of the Italian company Fratelli Burgio, specializing in the production of vegetable preserves, on their return from Cibus 2024.

Giuseppe Burgio and Liliana Burgio.

“We represent the third generation of the Fratelli Burgio company, founded in Sicily in 1978 by grandfather Giuseppe, continuing his tradition of preserves. We are committed to selecting only the best ingredients, carefully grown by our local suppliers, to ensure the highest quality and freshness of processed products. Our passion for the traditional Sicilian cuisine and our commitment to quality have led us to create unique and authentic recipes, which combine rich and authentic tastes, using the techniques that were once used to produce them. We are proud to offer a wide range of preserves, from classic tomato sauces to revived specialties such as caponata and various branded vegetables marinated in oil.”

The peculiarity of our revisited caponata is that it is made without the eggplant, because it is a vegetable that absorbs too much oil and overwhelms all the flavors. This is the secret of a unique caponata that was awarded the medal for Italy’s Best Preserves at the International Flavor Show in Milan in 2009. This is a much sought-after reference, which is offered in 90-, 212-, 314-, 580-grams and in large sizes ranging from 1 to 3 kg, to be distributed to various commercial channels (both specialized and catering).”

“We are very young and ambitious, and we have several projects on our agenda. One of them is to be able to export our products all over the world, with the aim of increasing our production capacity while maintaining the quality of our products. Another project we have in the pipeline is to grow raw materials directly on our own land, in a sustainable and organic way. As consumers become more concerned about the origin and quality of their food, the consumption of traceable canned goods is on the rise, especially in the vegetable sector. Traceability provides a greater level of transparency in the production process and is a guarantee of food safety.”

As part of the international market strategy developed by the company, the analysis of foreign preserves sale shares shows a significant distribution across different countries. With a far-reaching impact on marketing and distribution decisions, such data provide important insight into consumer preferences and growth opportunities.

“France stands out as the main target market, accounting for 40 percent of our total sales. This result suggests a strong preference for preserves in the French territory and indicates a key opportunity to consolidate and expand our presence in this market. We believe that this is the result of the many trade shows that my father and uncle have attended over the years.

“Spain follows closely, accounting for 30% of total purchases, confirming the key role it plays in our export strategy. To have a distributor such as Garda has been a decisive factor for us!”

“Germany represents a stable but not insignificant market with a 10 percent share. Its potential for expansion could be explored through targeted promotional and distribution strategies, taking advantage of local preferences and consumption trends. Finally, the United Kingdom and the United States, each with a 10% share, offer unique opportunities in terms of niche markets and specific consumer segments.”

Targeted distribution channels include specialty stores and wine shops, as well as tourist channels adjacent to Sicily’s most prestigious luxury resorts.

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