December 8, 2023

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Visa Application Filing: Consequences of misrepresentation while filing visa applications in Five Eyes countries

Five Eyes refers to the security alliance formed between the five popular immigration destinations for NRI’s, namely the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The five eyes have each vowed to work together in national/border security, intelligence, terrorism, immigration, and cyber securities.

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The Five Eyes countries’ security and intelligence agencies share sensitive and confidential intelligence information and coordinate to fight against international crimes and transactional activity.

Considering the rising number of illegal immigration, the five eyes have made strict rules and punishments to deal with people who misrepresent documents or submit bogus information every day.

Since all the five countries mentioned above rely heavily upon immigrants for their economic growth and prosperity, it is natural for them to experience a certain level of illegal immigration. For much of the time, the governments of these countries have been tolerant of the illicit movement of people. From time to time, however, as the events unfold and leaders raise this issue on the political agenda, difficulties and discrepancies in their immigration programs demanded immediate attention, rectification, and radical adjustment.

This article discusses how five eyes countries deal with illegal migration and the punishments and penalties to curb this issue.

What is illegal immigration?

Illegal migration is the process of migrating to a country in violation of its immigration laws. It includes foreign nationals entering the country unlawfully through fake passports, visas, illegally crossing the borders, using fraudulent- false or altered – documents, or giving false or misleading information in the visa applications to enter the country. As regards, Illegal immigrants are attracted to economic opportunities and intend to work and live there. However, they are seen as law offenders who arrive without a proper channel or overstay without official status.

Punishment for illegal immigrants in the following countries:


  • A person found guilty of misrepresentation in visa applications of any kind cannot enter Canada for at least five years.
  • Even if one succeeds in getting residency based on misrepresented documents, but it is disclosed at a later date, the government can take away the status as a permanent resident or Canadian citizen at a later date
  • Illegal immigrant also pays a fine or receive some form of punishment, such as imprisonment. You will still be deported to your home country, even if you successfully serve the jail term.
  • Deportation and removal is the final punishment for illegal immigrants in Canada. Deportation is the act of sending an unlawful immigrant back to the country they hold citizenship with.


  • You are not able to enter Australia for at least three years. Sometimes the ban can also be permanent.
  • The maximum penalty for an offense of people immigration illegally is ten years imprisonment.
  • Once illegal immigrants are caught and deported, they may be punished further with re-entry bans.

New Zealand

  • The defaulters can be imprisoned for up to seven years. They can also be filed up to NZD 100,000. People who use immigration fraud to become New Zealand residents can be deported.
  • People who use immigration fraud to become New Zealand citizens can lose their citizenship.

United States

  • Payments of fines.
  • If a person illegally enters the U.S. by committing marriage fraud, they’ll be fined up to $250,000.
  • Deportation or removal from the country.

United Kingdom

  • Can be refused entry to the U.K. at the border and banned from entering up to ten years.
  • Detainees are usually held in prisons, Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs), and Short-Term Holding Facilities (STHFs).
  • Employers can also be sent to jail for five years if found employing an undocumented immigrant.

Choose only legal migration routes. Misrepresentation never helps.

The countries mentioned above are the most popular among immigrants. Their robust economies attract immigrants across the world. However, one should always choose a legal pathway to obtain residency or citizenship in a foreign country. There are many immigration streams available to migrate to any of these countries and feel safe. Remember, illegal immigration is never an answer of your today’s struggle. Do not let anyone mislead you and show a rosy picture that will jeopardize your future.

Only a legal migration can help you seize the opportunities offered by these countries in the long term. There is a legitimate visa option available for every purpose, a visit, study, residency, or citizenship.