June 23, 2024

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NEW YORK — Cultural and industry transformation over the last decade has made indelible and permanent changes to the role of leaders, businesses and brands. Innovation and changing social norms have created an entirely new landscape and distinct expectations of business leaders, public personalities and companies alike, with the news cycle showing near-daily crises. To help service the complex global marketplace and an atmosphere that presents new challenges, changes and opportunities, Kevin and Megan Weekes (formerly Rokosh) today announce the launch of Speekes, a future-focused advisory and independent media company.

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85% of CEOs feel that business and society are becoming even more porous (Korn Ferry), with their roles evolving towards societal authorities, a title which demands new skills as table stakes and profound changes in the ways they think, act and lead their organizations. Current challenges include the public navigation of social and political issues, engaging and retaining talent amongst workforce revolutions and streamlining internal and external communications in a dizzying multimedia landscape that deeply impacts employee and shareholder perspectives. All of these demand powerful communication skills, strong navigation of cultural headwinds, radical transparency and an attitude of constant learning, with the consequences of mismanagement often costly. To keep pace, outside counsel is needed to provide objective insight and up-skill as required. Speekes unifies the skillsets of Global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Megan and long-time broadcaster and ex-NHL goalie Kevin, as well as their rolodexes, in an offering to help people, businesses and brands be their best selves. Kevin and Megan bring a depth of experience with them which in combination is extraordinary. Kevin is a history-making broadcaster who has appeared on the world’s top platforms for the last 15 years and today, including ESPN, ABC, NBC, NHL Network and MSG. This follows a 12-year NHL playing career as a goalie with 7 different franchises. He’ll continue broadcasting as he grows Speekes. Megan has over 17 years of experience in global communications and marketing, acting most recently as a Global CMO at multinational communications leader Havas. She’s worked with many of the world’s leading media and brands, including Forbes, Business Insider, Cannes Lions, MLB, NHL, Disney and PepsiCo.

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To bring new skillsets and ways of thinking to the traditional consultancy model, Speekes will draw on leading experts from media, entertainment, sports, marketing, communications and business. Speekes will offer services in line with the diverse experience of Kevin and Megan and the needs of the marketplace, including leadership advisory, communications expertise, media training, fractional CMO and CCO services, social impact and offer specific services for sports franchises and athletes. It will also include speaking, owned media and investment divisions. Megan states, “This new era demands a new playbook, and we see a tremendous opportunity for positive disruption, uniting our skillsets and networks into a powerful service offering. Two things make our business unique. Firstly, we are non-traditional consultants. We sit at the intersection of media, business, sports, advertising and advocacy. This gives us an unprecedented understanding of the cultural ethos and a unique perspective, particularly with our combined histories from C-suite leader, to media personality to athlete to advocate. It also allows us to draw on the thinking and expertise from various industries to teach new skills and tackle problems in innovative ways. Secondly, we are focused on practical experience. We created this offering to bring the world’s experts in winning to those who want to win, the top speakers in the world to those who want to command a room, and so on. We are here to contribute to the advancement of people, businesses and brands by empowering them with the exposure and knowledge required to thrive, all while we walk alongside them.”

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“I’ve had the wonderful and unique honor of working and playing with some of the world’s top performers and experts,” says Kevin, “Through this, I see so much opportunity to break silos and offer cross-industry learning, such as broadcast personalities teaching athletes and sports organizations how to use their voices and navigate today’s complex media environment or business leaders learning a winning mindset from Stanley Cup champions. The time to think and act differently is now. From our standpoint, we see the gaps in knowledge and the opportunities to fill them clearly with our book of experience and contacts, for the broader business community, and equally the dynamic worlds of sports, entertainment and media. All the while we’ll continue to expand our owned media portfolio and bring the content we believe in to the audiences we love.”

About Speekes – Speekes is an advisory, media and investment company that helps people, brands and businesses be their best selves. Speekes is based in NY and Miami and services clients globally. For more information, visit speekes.co. Media contact: Megan Weekes – [email protected] – 2012298192

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Media: Megan Weekes – [email protected] – 2012298192


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