December 11, 2023

Immigration Marriage

Feel Good With Immigration

Usman and Kimberly Shock with Plans to Adopt Mahadi, Don’t Get a Firm “No”

During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Kimberly was still recovering from some news.

Usman waited until after she flew out to Nigeria with Jamal to tell her that he hadn’t actually told his brother about his adoption plans.

Before she had a chance to recover from that bombshell, it was time for Usman to break the news to his brother.

Mohammed and Zainab responded to Usman’s proposal the only way that anyone could: “Huh?”

Kimberly Menzies was not in a great mood with Usman “Sojaboy” Umar when the episode began.

Why? Because he had invited her to Nigeria, allowing her to believe that his “plan” to adopt his nephew was further along than it was.

Instead, he had not even discussed the idea of adopting Mahadi with his brother, Mohammed, or his sister-in-law, Zainab. That’s a crucial step. It’s what separates “adoption” from “kidnapping.”

Outside, Usman struck up a conversation with Jamal.

He only met Kimberly’s son recently, but the two are much closer in age. Plus, Jamal is a calm and reasonable guy.

And he had to be the one to explain to Usman that, at least in America, a lie of omission like the ones that Usman tells Kimberly … well, most consider those to still be lies.

Usman truly did not like this characterization. He doesn’t see it as lying.

But cultural difference or not, he has to have seen how his omissions frustrate and hurt Kimberly. It’s like he’s tricking her (because he is).

Still, good talk with Jamal, right?

Apparently not.

Usman griped to the camera that Jamal is “too much into his mom’s business.”

Those are some strong words coming from a grown man who allows his mother to tell him who, and whether, to marry.

Kimberly and Jamal arrived to see Mohammed, Zainab, and Mahadi. They came bearing gifts — not a PS5, this time, but a football.

It was sweet to see Jamal play catch with Mahadi.

Of course, considering that only three of the people present knew that Usman intends for the two to become stepbrothers … there was something unsettling about the entire thing.

But, naturally, Usman didn’t invite this family gathering just for giggles.

Mohammed knew that, obviously, Usman had something to discuss with him. On camera, no less.

So he asked why his brother invited them to meet. Nothing could have prepared him for the answer.

Usman began by explaining that he doesn’t want a second wife. He reasoned that Wife #2 would preclude him from getting a visa to the US to live with Wife #1.

Jamal explained that polygamy is illegal in the United States. Sad but true. And immigration agents actively discriminate against polyamorous relationships during interviews.

“I was thinking,” Usman suggested, “if you can give us Mahadi to adopt him as our child.”

Usman quickly assured them that he and Kimberly would take great care of Mahadi.

He is close with his nephew. And, in the United States, they could give him new opportunities.

Specifically, Usman suggested that Mahadi could receive a first-rate education. True. But …

“Huh?” Mohammed asked, visibly looking stunned at his younger brother’s suggestion.

Yes, apparently family adoption with a crisis making it necessary is more common in Nigeria than in the US.

But that doesn’t mean that he expected Usman’s brazen proposal.

Mohammed has one major concern that he expresses, both at the table and later to the camera.

He wants Mahadi to grow up immersed in Hausa culture. And he wants him to grow up in an Islamic environment.

Kimberly is not Muslim or Hausa or Nigerian. Where would Mahadi find that sort of upbringing in the United States?

But apparently that is not a firm “no.”

Zainab told the camera that they will have to crowdsource their decision, basically, by asking others.

That is an interesting approach to such a major decision. Perhaps there are more factors at play than we are seeing on camera.

Meanwhile, Jamal asked an important question: would Mohammed expect Kimberly to convert to Islam before adopting this precious boy?

Because she is not going to do that. And Usman knows that already. Jamal also knows that about his mother.

Later, Jamal had an important talk with his mother about his numerous concerns.

He feels worried that Kimberly is biting off more than she can chew. “You need to spend more time with Mahadi,” he tells his mom.

He warns her that she’s not being realistic. “These are things you need to think about,” he reminds his mom.

Jamal has a good head on his shoulders. And he is trying desperately to keep his mother grounded on this wild ride.