December 4, 2023

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The AP Interview: Pence says voters want new leadership | Ap

NEW YORK (AP) — Former Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday that voters are “looking for new leadership” following the disappointing midterm elections for Republicans, who are now openly debating whether his onetime boss, Donald Trump, should maintain a leading role in the party.

In an interview with The Associated Press just hours after Trump announced another White House run, Pence declined to say whether the thinks the former president is fit to return to his old job. But he implicitly positioned himself as a potential alternative for Republicans seeking conservative leadership without the chaos of the Trump era.

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kAm“u@C E96 32=2?46 @7 23@FE h_ >:?FE6D[ H6 D2E[ H6 E2=<65] x H2D G6CJ 5:C64E H:E9 E96 AC6D:56?E] x >256 :E 4=62C E@ 9:> E92E x 36=:6G6 E92E x 5:5 >J 5FEJ E92E 52J[ 2?5 x D6?D65 86?F:?6 C6>@CD6 @? 9:D A2CE[Q !6?46 C642==65] “%96 AC6D:56?E 2?5 x 925 7@C865 ?@E @?=J 2 8@@5 H@C<:?8 C6=2E:@?D9:A[ 3FE 2 7C:6?5D9:A @G6C 7@FC\2?5\2\92=7 J62CD] (6 H@C<65 E@86E96C =:E6C2==J 6G6CJ 52J] qFE 96 H2D 5:776C6?E 😕 E92E E:>6] x 6?4@FC2865 9:> E@ E2<6 E96 >2EE6C E@ AC2J6C]”k^Am

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