December 2, 2023

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Sam Asghari On Britney Spears, Their Miscarriage, and Looking to the Future

The news broke a day and a half before I was set to interview Asghari. I was at dinner, all packed and ready to get on a plane in 12 hours and wondered if the whole thing would be called off. Should I even go? Would he be willing to talk about it? And was I a monster for trying to get this man in mourning to talk about it? I got on the plane with the interview still seemingly happening, though a call upon landing from Cohen warned me that he didn’t want any questions about the baby and that Sam was “in a super-sensitive mood right now.” I understood but I knew I had to ask in a way that showed my genuine curiosity as a journalist and as a person who follows celebrity culture but also showed some sense of decorum.

And then we started talking about having kids.

Do you want to be a father one day? Is that something? I ask him.

“Yeah, absolutely,” he says. “It’s just part of life. But I do want to be a young father.”

Not for everyone, though. I’ve never wanted kids. So it must be something that you’ve known that you’ve wanted.

“Yeah, absolutely. It’s just always, that’s just the joy of life, I think, is procreation. And that’s just a next step. Yeah.”

I’m sorry about the announcement you guys have had to make recently.


Do you have anything you want to say about it?

“No, let’s keep that away from—”

I mean, there’s something to be said for normalizing talking about things like that.

“Yeah, it’s positive,” he says, before deciding to dive in. “We’re positive about it. It’s something that happens to a lot of people. And one beautiful thing that I heard was when the baby’s ready, it’ll come. So that was a beautiful thing somebody had said was, it’s a common process and the female body is just so amazing, and just the human body in general is so beautiful that it heals itself. And that when the baby’s ready it’ll be the right time.”

I tell him he sounds like a true optimist. He says life is amazing, and I think he means it.

“Nothing in the world that can take me off that path,” he says. “My life is too amazing to be able to take my mind off optimism and positivity and all that.” He’s a positive person, someone to have on your side cheering you on, which are all traits good for a trainer. But he seems like a careful listener with a lot of emotional intelligence, which are probably good traits for whatever acting career he carves out. But all of them together make him an ideal partner for a woman who’s been in the center of a lot of chaos. I can see why Britney Spears is going to marry him.

Marisa Meltzer is a writer based in New York.