July 21, 2024

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / July 1, 2024 / Tonia Ryan, Vice President of luxury real estate brand Squared Realty, is launching modern-day marketing strategies to accommodate recent advancements in digital communications technology. Social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and targeted ads are just a few of the methods that Tonia utilizes to promote Squared Realty’s brand, though she also has experience in renovating more traditional marketing techniques such as print media and events to ensure potential clients can be reached no matter which type of communication they prefer.

Squared Realty specializes in luxury properties and homes, providing extensive experience to buyers to make their reality experience as seamless as possible while remaining informative and professional. Tonia Ryan’s role in this process is to ensure that the right people see what Squared Realty has to offer and to let them know how valuable Squared Realty’s expertise and advice are.

Tonia, with over two decades of experience in digital marketing and social media marketing, knows how to help the agents at Squared Realty shine when marketing a client’s home they have listed for sale, to help make it the best experience it can be. She combines the tried-and-true methodology of tradition with cutting-edge technology to make sure clients receive the service that works best for them.

With Tonia’s direction, Squared Realty boasts a wide online presence across various digital mediums. For example, Tonia utilizes social media platforms like Instagram, where she personally has over 3 million followers, to reach clients where they tend to focus most of their attention. Tonia also puts together virtual tours, interactive Q&A sessions, and visually engaging social media posts to further boost Squared Realty’s online accessibility.

SEO also helps heighten Squared Realty’s ease of access via search engines like Google and Bing as Tonia focuses on components like keyword searching and high-quality content to make it easier to locate Squared Realty’s website and its resources.

Through data analytics and other informatics technology, Tonia can produce targeted ads for Squared Realty which help expose the company to potential buyers looking for the types of services Squared Realty provides based on those buyers’ online behavior, demographics, and preferences. In targeting a specific client base, Squared Realty’s marketing efforts ultimately have more impact as they apply directly to people with a greater likelihood of having an interest in the brand’s services.

Squared Realty also uses non-digital marketing tactics to reach a wider audience, though Tonia has updated many of these tactics to make them more relevant and user-friendly in the modern age. Print materials, such as local advertisements and brochures, for example, help Squared Realty reach out to potential clients who may have an easier time finding information offline. Additionally, Tonia strategizes plans for Squared Realty broker Derek Cavan to help him organize exclusive open houses and other personalized events that may feature local amenities, neighborhood tours, and even lifestyle showcases to provide buyers an opportunity to visualize life at their new potential property.

About Squared Realty:

Tonia Ryan, along with the rest of the Squared Realty team, believes client engagement and community involvement are core to their values as a real estate firm. Squared Realty recognizes and appreciates their clients for choosing them, and the company and its staff value the importance of giving back to those communities through efforts like supporting local charities, sponsoring community events, and encouraging team members to volunteer.

Media Details:

Company Name: Squared Realty
Company Media Contact: Tonia Ryan
Email: [email protected]
Company Website: https://squaredrealty.com/

SOURCE: Squared Realty


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