December 11, 2023

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How To Prepare To Start A Life With Your Italian Spouse In Italy

Marrying a foreigner is a thrilling prospect, but things can get challenging from an immigration perspective. You may find the rules and timelines daunting as they can keep you from joining your spouse and family right after tying the knot. Even if you can travel to their country, staying for the long haul may not be easy.

Luckily, countries like Italy have a straightforward process for citizenship by marriage. You can move to Italy and start afresh without much hassle, provided you know the process well enough. You must visit Bersani Law Firm for understanding more about citizenship by marriage, as these experts can guide you to speed up the process. Here are a few tips to prepare for a new life with your Italian spouse in Italy.

How To Prepare To Start A Life With Your Italian Spouse In Italy

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Be aware of the timelines

Timelines are perhaps the most significant aspect of obtaining citizenship by marriage. Eligibility takes more than marrying an Italian, even though you can qualify through same-sex union as the country recognises such marriages. You become eligible only after two years of the nuptial if residing in Italy and after three years if living in another country. However, having a child (biological or adopted) with your partner expedites the process. It cuts the timeline in half in both cases.

Learn the language

Besides the timelines, language is another factor that determines your eligibility for Italian citizenship by marriage. You can apply only after obtaining a B1 level of language certification. Get it from an educational institution approved by the Italian Ministry of Education or Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Although learning the language and appearing for the test seems challenging, it can help you down the line. You feel more comfortable interacting with the locals and can help your kids with their education.

Sort the paperwork

Like any other immigration process, the citizenship by marriage route requires applicants to provide certain documents to validate facts. Of course, you will have to provide a copy of your marriage certificate from the Italian municipality where your Italian spouse is registered with the Registry of Italian Citizens Residing Abroad (AIRE). Other documents include your ID proof, a certified copy of your birth certificate, and criminal checks. You will also have to attach your Italian language certification.

How To Prepare To Start A Life With Your Italian Spouse In Italy

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Seek expert assistance

The Italian citizenship by marriage process is pretty straightforward, but you cannot take things for granted. The last thing you want to encounter is an unnecessary delay for missing out on a document or making an error at any stage of the process. An immigration expert shows the way and ensures no errors or omissions. Having them guiding you gives you confidence and peace of mind about joining your Italian spouse and their family sooner than later.

Living with your spouse in their country will be on top of your mind after marrying them. Thankfully, the process is smooth if you marry an Italian. But you must do your bit to prepare for a hassle-free transition to citizenship. Follow these simple recommendations to close the process sooner than later.

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