December 11, 2023

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How To Get The Right Help When Moving To The US

America is stunning, but moving to this country can be stressful. Even if you have family there or are marrying someone already a resident, the process of moving to the US can still be arduous. When seeking immigration assistance, it’s important to find lawyers specialising in visa and green card applications because they’ll know exactly which procedures will help you get approved as quickly as possible.

Find a Trustworthy Attorney

If you’re moving to the United States, you must know that not all immigration lawyers are created equal. The term “notario público” is frequently used in Latin America to refer to an attorney or legal expert specialising in immigration law. These individuals may be licensed by the state but don’t necessarily have the experience or education required of a fully qualified attorney. As such, they should be avoided at all costs as they are more likely than not going to give you bad advice that can lead to severe problems with your application and future visa applications (including deportation).

You want someone with experience handling cases like yours with connections within the US immigration system so they know how things work in America.

How To Get The Right Help When Moving To The US

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The Lawyer Should Specialise In Immigration Law

To ensure that you get the right immigration assistance, it is vital to choose a lawyer who specialises in immigration law. A good lawyer will be familiar with the laws regarding your case and can help you navigate through this process.
A good immigration lawyer will also help you obtain a visa or green card for your relocation, if applicable.

Immigration Lawyers Can Help With Both Visas And Green Cards

When you move to the United States, you can apply for a visa or green card. A visa is a temporary stay in the US, while a green card is a permanent residence. When applying for a permanent residence or green card from outside the US, several steps need to be taken before you can begin working on your paperwork:

– Gather all documentation proving your identity and citizenship eligibility (birth certificate, marriage certificate). You’ll also need proof of any criminal records or financial debts owed by yourself or your family.

– Visit an approved port-of-entry and complete paperwork stating why you intend to enter the country – whether it’s tourism or work – and how long you plan to stay in the US.

How To Get The Right Help When Moving To The US

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Ensure Your Lawyer Stays Up To Date On Important Changes

Laws constantly change, so always choose a lawyer well-versed in the current immigration system. If you’re moving to America, your lawyer must stay on top of these changes. While some cases may be straightforward, others can get complicated quickly—and you don’t want to discover that your case is too complex for your lawyer before it’s too late.

For example: In September 2018, many people were surprised by an announcement from the Trump administration stating that it would no longer consider applications for H-1B visas through a lottery process. Instead, assign them via random selection from a pool of applicants who had met all eligibility requirements and paid fees. This new method made some people believe they had been rejected despite meeting all eligibility requirements. In contrast, others felt they’d been denied unfairly due to their skill set being irrelevant or not matching current trends in demand.

Ask For Help

Many people moving to the US don’t know where to start when finding an immigration lawyer. The US is a big country, and there are thousands of lawyers all across the country who specialise in immigration law. How can you find the right lawyer for your situation?
Some options include:

– Ask friends or family if they know a good immigration lawyer they can recommend to you.

– Search online for “top immigration lawyers near me” and see what comes up

– Ask your current lawyer if he/she knows any other good lawyers that would be able to help you with your case

Ask All The Right Questions

Lawyers who offer vague answers or try to hide information about their services could be cause for concern so ask questions about pricing structures and other upfront details before signing any contracts. You should get a written agreement outlining the lawyer’s services and how much you will pay for them. The contract should also detail what the lawyer will do for you and when they will start working on your case.
You should know what other costs are involved in obtaining a green card and ensure that these have been accounted for before signing any contracts.

If you’re planning to move to the US, you must find the right immigration assistance as soon as possible. The process can be overwhelming and confusing, but with a good lawyer by your side, all those worries will fade away.