December 11, 2023

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Everything you need to know about how to gain Hungarian citizenship

Many foreigners who visit Hungary take a liking to the country’s uniqueness. It’s awe-inspiring natural environments, bustling cities, mouthwatering cuisine, and of course its residence. These are just some of the reasons why one could decide to move to Hungary and eventually gain citizenship. If you are one of these people, you may have questions regarding Hungarian citizenship laws. Continue reading this article to find out more!

Hungarian citizenship laws

Let’s start with a basic overview of the Hungarian nationality laws. A person may acquire Hungarian citizenship if one or both parents are of Hungarian nationality, states Emberi Jogok. By gaining Hungarian citizenship, one simultaneously becomes a citizen of the European Union. People born inside the borders of Hungary, but to foreign parents, will generally not be considered Hungarian citizens. This demonstrates the working of jus sanguinis. Hungary permits dual citizenship as well.

If you are fortunate enough to have any descendants from Hungary, you are in luck! These laws were first enforced in 1993 and later renewed in 2011. It states that anyone with Hungarian ancestors before 1920, or between 1941-1945, may apply for citizenship. You must have practical knowledge of the Hungarian language as well, but you do not need to live in the country.

Next, we will look at some of the ways one can gain citizenship in Hungary.


Naturalisation offers the most abundant ways to become a Hungarian citizen. If you have been married to a Hungarian citizen for at least ten years (five years, in case you and your spouse have a child together), you may apply for naturalisation. Keep in mind that you must have proof that you have a proficient understanding of the Hungarian language.

If you have lived in Hungary for at least eight years, you may apply to be naturalised. This is only provided if you pass a test on the Hungarian constitution, have a livelihood, have no criminal record, and are of good character. If you were born in Hungary, established your residence before the age of eighteen or are stateless, you may apply after five years of residence in Hungary.

Hungarian citizenship based on ancestry

As mentioned above, if you have ancestors from Hungary, you may apply for citizenship. This is most true for many ethnic groups who can speak Hungarian. The places most such applicants come from are Ukraine, Vojvodina, and Transylvania.

Hungarian constitution test

If you wish to gain citizenship through naturalisation, expert to study for a test on the constitution of Hungary. Provided that you have a Hungarian language diploma, you may skip the textbooks, since you won’t have to write the test. Should you decide to apply, you may hand in your application at your nearest government office. On your application form, you may choose the date of your examination. Read more about the application at kormá

The exam consists of two parts, a written and an oral examination. During the exam, applicants must answer questions regarding Hungarian history, literature, arts, geography, economy, etc. Questions may regard the day-to-day workings of the Hungarian government as well.

Important note: Any non-Hungarian documents such as a birth certificate and one’s parent’s marriage certificate has to be translated into Hungarian by a Hungarian government-approved translation agency before you start the process of obtaining Hungarian citizenship.

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