December 11, 2023

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90 Day Fiance Fans Want Angela Deem Fired for SO Many Reasons

She’s one of the biggest names in the 90 Day Fiance franchise, albeit not for the reasons that she wishes.

But after years of atrocious behavior and what happened with Angela Deem on recent episodes, a lot of fans have had enough.

They’re tired of watching her abuse Michael on camera. They’re tired of hearing her scream. And they’re tired of watching the show take her seriously after her tantrums.

A growing number of very vocal viewers want to see Angela sacked from the show. But they shouldn’t hold her breath.

Angela Deem has always been bad news — especially for Michael Ilesanmi.

It’s true that she smiled more during those earlier seasons, but that does not mean that she was a good person. Or a good partner.

Many fans didn’t like her before she smashed a cake into Michael’s face. The incident did not improve things. And marriage did not temper her behavior.

Take a not-so-distant season, for example. Angela felt fixated upon the idea of Michael being unfaithful to her.

There was no evidence, but Angela directed her fury at him as though he were cheating. Sound familiar?

Well she marched into a tech store and asked them to hack and trace her husband’s phone.

Thankfully, even if anyone working there were willing to commit a cybercrime, they did not do so on television.

Because what Angela wanted would have been a crime. In fact, tracking a partner’s phone is a favored tactic for abusers.

Oh, and speaking of crime, a lot of people have another huge issue with Angela.

Scottie Deem, 90 Day Fiance still

Viewers haven’t seen her daughter, Scottie Deem, since Angela’s debut season. That is because Scottie went to prison on a child molestation conviction. Yes, really.

Reports have claimed that Angela knew about the sexual abuse and, at the very least, ignored it. So no, this is not guilt by association.

And we don’t need reports to know that Angela and Scottie hung out (around Angela’s grandchildren, no less) after Scottie’s premature release from prison. We all saw them at the same party on Instagram. Sickening, really.

Viewers fortunately cannot smell Angela or her cigarettes through the TV. The people around her are not so lucky.

People have watched Angela smoke in hotels, at airports, in cars, and around her grandchildren.

In a vacuum, smoking is a personal choice. But the way that Angela smokes indiscriminately around others, and she’s making the choice for friends, family, and total strangers.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem is So Done With Michael Ilesanmi!

Angela often behaves as if she believes that she is the only person who matters. As if no one else’s feelings really count.

Nowhere is this more evident than when Angela is berating and screaming at her husband, Michael.

Whether in person, at Tell Alls, or over the phone, Angela will not give him a moment’s peace. The goal is simple: to keep him walking on eggshells and desperate to please her, fearful of her wrath. It’s verbal and emotional abuse.

Angela Deem flashes the camera and screams

Angela has displayed similar contempt for Michael’s family.

Famously, she flashed Michael’s relatives at the Tell All while screaming at them.

In addition to the viewing audience, Angela’s castmates and the entire production team were caught in the crossfire.

Separation across continents cannot protect Michael from Angela’s unyielding fury.

She screams at him over the phone. It is even worse for him if he does not pick up.

When we say that Angela’s behavior should be criminal, it’s not really hyperbole. No one deserves to be treated this way.

What is Angela screaming about? Usually Michael attempting to make his own choices.

This season, we have seen her raise hell over Michael’s public Instagram page. She forbade him from working a normal job but also insisted that he not use his fame to become a paid influencer.

All of this is rooted in her insecurities. She believes that if he has money or a social life, he’ll get to cheat. So she clamps down with control.

Those insecurities become easier to understand when we look at how hypocritical Angela is.

She has a public Instagram page. She has a public TikTok account. And she uses them both.

Angela doesn’t shy away from flirting and dancing with men on the account. If Michael did anything like this, she would throw a vicious tantrum. We all know this.

Sometimes, a surprise visit is a wonderful, pleasant event.

But when an abusive partner shows up without warning, arriving in secret to confront their victim, it’s not a sweet surprise.

Angela’s decision to ambush Michael only shows the lengths to which she will go to regain total control over him.

Of course, the most recent reason for the callouts was Angela attempting to physically damage Michael’s car.

Destroying someone’s personal property, in an effort to intimidate them or punish them, is a classic tool of abusers.

It is sadly no surprise that Angela would employ it as a means of terrorizing her husband.

TLC is no stranger to showing bad people ruining lives. This is the network that shared Toddlers & Tiaras, after all.

Angela makes headlines. Headlines mean ratings and money. But a lot of viewers feel fatigued by watching this abusive nightmare unfold.

And frankly, for a franchise that has fired people for contractual violations, people are tired of these absurd double standards.